My name is Linda Taylor, three years ago I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.  Within six months of being diagnosed, I became physically disabled enough that I could no longer continue working as a Field Sales Rep. for a large chemical company.

I was lucky, my company told me to go on short-term disability, and guided me in the correct way to fill out the paper work.  At the end of my short-term disability, I was not able to return to work and had to apply for long-term disability (LTD).  I was smart, and chose to hire an LTD attorney, who helped me correctly answer the questions on the LTD forms.  Although it took several months, I was eventually awarded long-term disability.

A week after I received the letter from my long-term disability insurance company informing me that I had been awarded long-term disability, I received a second letter stating that for me to continue receiving my LTD benefits, I was required to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).  I contacted an SSDI attorney and began the process of applying for SSDI.

Of course, I was almost instantly declined, so I had to start the appeal process.  After two years and an appeal hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge, I was finally awarded SSDI benefits.

When I began my journey over three years ago, I looked online to try to formulate a game plan, but was unable to find much useful information, so I wrote an ebook and started this website to make the needed information available to other people who have been recently disabled.  Even though dealing with a disability can be frustrating, if you know what to expect and how to move forward with disability benefits, it can save you a considerable amount of stress.

The goal of Disability Informer is to provide you with the information that you need to understand your rights as a disabled person and the correct way to go about applying for benefits.  I hope this site is informative and helpful for you.